Sexy Boots Rule 4.0
September 2010

(Uma Paloma Blanca" by George Baker Selection)

We've been saying it for over a year now, "Shadow Warrior, the tank of the future." Finally made a video of Hunters Vale. - Group make up: Empireheals WP and Mystri RP of <Der Ruhmzug> as healers, Ruthlos SW of <Der Ruhmzug> as MT, alliance mate Tverian SW of <The Altdorf First Legion> as OT, and two unofficial alliance mates from <Gaiscioch> Mora lvl33 WH and Fleabitten lvl34 WH. We were only doing it to finish out the Live Event and get capes for everyone who wanted them so we switched toons out for the boss fight, but that boss doesn't need a tank. :)

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