Growing Up Sexy Boot 6.8
July 3 2010

("Eye of the Beholder" by Metallica)

May's "Raw" video was so popular I decided to do another with a twist; this edition shares what I consider to be a bad SC... Mystriss Freya RR68 a in full Scout glass cannon spec focused entirely on damage. Stats n' gear shown at the end of video.

While the damage is nice, this builds survivability puts me completely on the defensive and, in my opinion, a defensive battle is lost 90% of the time in WAR. I was completely at the mercy of mdps' whim; constantly fleeing and unable to act as offensively as I can in my more survival orientated Scout / Assault build. Not only did I die a lot, but because of the constant retreat from mdps I was not able to pursue my targets to get the kill. Might be good for ToVL, but I absolutely hate it in RvR.

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