Damqage 8.0
January 2011

This video is from RR80 and intended to establish a general base line for my damage. *Gear and base stats shown at end of video.
In general I run Masterful Aim, No Respite, Replenishing Strikes, and Expert Skirmisher or Powerful Draw, I experimented with Wrist Slash a bit.
(As a note: My motherboard died and left me stuck with onboard graphics, aka 10-15fps slower than I'm used to, also had trouble with my actions not firing. On the plus side for this video, quite a bit of the damage ended up sans VoN & M2. Hopefully I can catch a little more footage before RR81 with higher dps bow (70dps) and VoN/M2 buffs when I get my new graphics card tomorrow.)

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