The Assault Shadow Warrior Project
During the process of writing my Shadow Warrior guide I decided to fully test the Assault path with various builds and play styles. I ended up making two versions of these videos due to complaints that the originals were too fast paced to follow; the original versions are now part of my Growing Up Sexy Boot series and contain slightly different video footage. The original for session 1 is Growing Up Sexy Boot 6.2.1

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Session 1 - The Melee Shadow Warrior
April 2010

("Piece of Me" by Britney Spears &am; "Love Game" by Lady Gaga)

In this session of the Assault Shadow Warrior Project Mystriss Freya RR62 worked in an 19 point assault build with full emphasis on strength. The attempt was made to use only Broadhead Arrow and go full melee.

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